Biography of Soundarya Thakur (Instagram Star) Age, Boyfriend, Hometown

Popular on social media, Soundarya Thakur. He was a well-known tiktok celebrity. In 2022, She will be 24 years old. As she was born on September 21, 1998. Delhi, India is the home town of Soundarya Thakur. A well-known YouTube and Instagram personality is Soundarya Thakur. As he has more than 200k Instagram followers and more than 100k YouTube subscribers.

In TikTok, she has more than 1 million followers and more than 5 million likes. But, as is well known, many tiktok stars have joined Instagram & YouTube channels to entertain their fans since tiktok was banned in India.


Name – Soundarya Thakur
Nickname – Soundarya
Soundarya Thakur Age – 24 years in 2022
Date of Birth – 21 Sep 1998
Soundarya Thakur Hometown – Delhi, India
Religion – Hindu
Nationality – Indian
Girlfriend/Wife – Not Known
Family – Father – not known
Mother – not known
Brother – not known
Marital Status – UnMarried
Educational Qualifications – Graduate
Famous For – Social Media Influencer
Profession – Model
Soundarya Thakur Height – 5.8 Feet
Weight – 70kg
Famous On – TikTok, Instagram, YouTube
TikTok Followers – 1 Million
TikTok Likes – 5 Million
Instagram Followers – 200k
YouTube Subscribers – 100k



Soundarya Thakur is an Indian native of Delhi. He was born in Delhi on September 21, 1998. Delhi is where Soundarya Thakur was born and raised. His birthdate indicates that he will be 24 years old in 2022.

Soundarya Thakur comes from a family with a very distinguished history.

He practises Hinduism.

Parents like Soundarya Thakur’s mother and father strive hard to fulfil all of their children’s wants and desires. His parents have given his profession in the entertainment world a lot of encouragement.

Soundarya Thakur Hometown – Delhi, India
Date of Birth – 21 Sep 1998
Soundarya Thakur Age – 24 years in 2022
Members in her family – 4 Members
Family – High Class Family


Age, Height, Weight

In 2022, Soundarya Thakur will be 24 years old. He was born on September 21, 1998. Soundarya Thakur is approximately 70 kg tall and 5.8 ft wide. He consistently takes the necessary steps to keep his body in terrific shape.

Soundarya Thakur Age  24 years in 2022
Birth Date – 21 Sep 1998
Height – 5.8 Feet
Weight – 70kg


Instagram Star

As everyone is aware, Soundarya Thakur has a large following on Instagram. Each of his videos receives a tonne of love and likes from his fans and followers. Almost every clip of Soundarya Thakur’s becomes popular on YouTube & Instagram. He is quite active on social media sites like Josh, YouTube, and Instagram.

On Instagram, Soundarya Thakur has more than 200k followers. He posts a video every day to draw in more viewers. He mostly engages with their Instagram Live audience. Soundarya Thakur is well-known on YouTube in addition to covering Instagram. On his YouTube account, he has more than 100k subscribers.

The public like his videos and enjoys them. They are constantly requesting more interesting behaviour from Soundarya Thakur.

Profession – Modeling
Famous On – Instagram, YouTube
Instagram Followers – 200k
YouTube Subscribers – 100k


TikTok Fam Life

We are all aware of how well-known Soundarya Thakur was on TikTok. In TikTok, Soundarya Thakur has 5 million fans and over 1 million followers. TikTok was abruptly prohibited in India due of the threat that arrived from China.

Started in – 2018
TikTok Followers – 1 Million
TikTok Likes – 5 Million



When Soundarya Thakur was 20 years old, he nearly immediately began his career. He was very determined to enter the modelling industry. His parents are quite encouraging as well. Soundarya Thakur began posting videos on TikTok as a result.

Soundarya Thakur amassed a large number of followers and likes on his videos in a short period of time. Considering that people adore his videos, his sense of style, and his smile. He received a lot of love over his four-year career, including subscribers and fans.

More About Soundarya Thakur

  • Soundarya Thakur is a Social Media Influencer.
  • He has over 200k followers on his Instagram.
  • Soundarya Thakur has over 100k subscribers on YouTube.
  • He was born on 21 Sep 1998.
  • Soundarya Thakur age is 24 years in 2022.
  • Soundarya Thakur hometown is Delhi, India.
  • His birthplace is also Delhi.
  • In his family they are 4 members, except from him, in his family have his mother, father and his brother.

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